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In uncertain times control the controllable.

What does the phrase “uncertain times” really mean, anyway? for me it means that there’s a battle going on between Uncertainty V's Control.

control the controllable
A Venn diagram about control the controllable

Too often, when things are uncertain or indeed go completely pear-shaped people waste a lot of time and energy on things that are beyond their control. In these situations, you have to be particularly mindful of the psychological and emotional energy this bears on yourself and the people around you.

The first step to controlling the controllables is to accept what you can’t control then swiftly identify the things that are within your control. Its then about managing the situation.

This can be an individual situation but especially in business with teams, the sooner the obvious is identified, communicated and addressed everyone moves swiftly to get behind the actions. Here are the 9 steps I have found work best.

1. Accept the things you cannot control

2. Focus on the controllables

3. Define your actions

4. Prioritize - The 4 D’s - Do, Delegate, Diarize, or Dump

5. Learn to say no

6. Control your mindset and help those around you with theirs.

7. Surround yourself with the right people

8. Have a plan

9. Execute it, Get on with it!

Jason Bushby

Director @ | Helping people build great teams

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